3 bed House in , La Aldea De San Nicolas , Gran Canaria for Sale


3 bed House for sale in Gran Canaria La Aldea De San Nicolas , Spain

Beatiful house of 194 m2 with separate apartment of 28 m2, with permision to vacation rental and small guest house of 25 m2, parking, 2.500 m2 land with fruit trees, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi.

Will be sold furnished.
La Aldea de San Nicolas mostly called la Aldea by the residents of the City is situated in a valley on the West coast of Gran Canaria. It was before known as "San Nicolas de Tolentino".
Tomato growing used to be the main source of income here, but nowadays they grow all kinds of fruit including banana, mango, avocado and papaya. There are numerous orange plantations here too.
Although tomato production has decreased over the years, they still export over 100,000 kilograms a year.
The town itself is quite small and has little to offer in terms of historical buildings or architecture, but the surrounding landscape more than makes up for it. The only building of any real interest is the San Nicolas Church. It was built in 1972 on the site of an old 18th Century chapel. It has some fascinating sculptural works by Lujan Perez.
If you like cactus trees, you've come to the right place. La Aldea de San Nicolas is home to the "Cactualdea Parque" cacti park; a very popular tourist attraction. You'll see every kind of cacti imaginable here - Mexican, Madagascan, Guatemalan and Bolivian. Set amongst lush palm trees and aloe plants, this is a colourful and very tranquil park; it's perfect for a day out with the kids.
The drive up to La Aldea de San Nicolas is quite spectacular. On the way you'll pass by the Barranco de Veneguera valley and the Reserva Natural Especial de Gui-Gui.
Barranco de Veneguera is integrated into the nature reserve Parque Rural del Nublo and therefore can't be developed into a tourist zone. It remains an impressive landmark, untouched by man or tourism.
The Reserva Natural Especial de Gui-Gui covers an area of over 3000 hectares of land. It's home to a fantastic variety of indigenous vegetation all under protection of the state. Close by is the very popular La Fuente de los Azulejos - a natural attraction where oxidation has turned the once blue rocks into a strange blueish-green hue. Quite an interesting site.
The Spanish conquerors got one of their biggest defeats in a battle by Tasartico, where 200 archers and captain Miguel de Mujica died.
The name La Aldea de San Nicolas originates from a small mission station which Mallorquines built in the honour of La Aldea de San Nicolas in 1932 in a cave on the beach.

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Gran Canaria
La Aldea De San Nicolas
10 May 2019
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